Lazy Bones Stool

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"Hey lazy bones! Where'd ya get that stool?" Thus, the creation of the name, we introduce the Lazy Bones Stool. A one of a kind, hand crafted, hand made product. This beauty folds up to be 3.5" wide and 22" tall, making it a perfect cylinder size to strap on to the side of your pack.

Trust us, we like sitting on a down log while lounging around a fire, but for the sake of wonderfulness, nothing beats a great stool to plop your butt down on after a long days journey. We are even guilty of using them as furniture around the house because they are so fantastic! Weighing in at under two pounds, this seat will keep you raised 18" off the ground, feeling groovy and satisfied.

Weight capacity is 220 pounds.

Size: 3" x 22"

Materials: Hickory, 1000 Denier Cordura, and Stainless Steel hardware

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